February 1 1954 I was born Peter Harrington Church in Worcester Massachusetts in Fairlawn hospital. descendant of the Mayflower and president Adams with a Heinz 57 mixed nationality, a true American. I grew up in a farm-house in Paxton Massachusetts. I was born to Floyd Walter Church born December 20th 1917 in Detroit Michigan. and Martha Morris Church born November 18th 1909 in Dayton Ohio. They were married on Halloween on 1942.   I already had three siblings, Christopher Adams Church born in 1947, Jody Church born on September 30th 1950, and Deborah Church born on June 2nd 1952, all born in Fairlawn hospital.

We lived on a 50 acre piece of land my parents and grandfather bought before they were married. This land had a 12 room farm-house built in 1756 by a relative of ours; also there was a 5 room cottage a 1/10th of a mile down the road. Originally there were about 3000 acres and three mills. Over progressive generations the estate was reduced to these 50 acres. When I was growing up the closest neighbor was a half mile away.

My parents met on an island off the west coast of Florida. My father was finishing up his service in the army air corps, after serving in Burma during World War II. My mother was on vacation with her father, Davis Harrington Morris born in Toledo Ohio June 26th 1876.

My father was born in Detroit Michigan; however his family had predominantly lived in Massachusetts since the time of the pilgrims, (Richard church married Elizabeth warren on march 14 1635) in western Massachusetts for many generations, his two sisters Dorothy and Gladys, with his father Walter Herman Church born on 20 march 1887 in Ashfield Massachusetts, and his mother Lena Maud Jeanotte, Half French Canadian part Blackfoot indian, born on July 1887 in western Massachusetts. My father grew up in West Springfield, Massachusetts; the family was only in Michigan for a short time. My father was born in Detroit due to my grandfather’s work, he was working with the automotive industries, and he eventually owned three auto dealerships in the Springfield area. He was also a mechanic “second seat” in the first Indianapolis 500.

My mother and her family were settled in Ohio for a few generations. They had come to Ohio from Pennsylvania. Dutch, German, and Scottish, My grandfather at one point was president of Ohio bell he was also one of the early investors in IBM however he got out as the economics of the time were quite poor and he did not believe the company would survive. My mother’s mother died when she was still young, so my grandfather took over duties of both. My mother spent time at the Boston school of music. She viewed herself as a member of the upper class. She spent a lot of her time going to Europe researching family history. It turns out that my mother and father are distant cousins. This attitude did not stop my mother from falling for my father, he was a charmer and she wanted to be charmed. The Great War was over and the future looked bright for all.

After my parents were married and settled in Paxton mass, they had their work cut out for them. The farm had no electricity and no heat a broken spring for water and no real road. My father had to find work, so he ended up in Vermont during the week and home on weekends. He worked for the phone company putting up poles and new lines. My mother had to organize work and get the house in shape; she did have her father with her to help. At this time the town of Paxton’s population was calculated to be 500. After a while my father found work as a security guard at the VA hospital in the next town, Rutland mass. Then eventually he found work at Wyman Gordon Company in Worcester mass. This is where I remember him working, and he worked here till he died in 1977. He became a metallurgist, working on exotic alloys that were used in the space program.


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