sunday school 1962 – 63

Sunday school

I started Sunday school in second grade I believe. I attended a few classes before I decided there was nothing for me there. I asked many questions and never got good answers. I could tell the difference between propaganda, and company line and the truth. I was getting rote responses read out of some teaching syllabus not insightful answers. So I told my mother I had nothing to learn from these people and refused to go. She didn’t give me much argument. Even at this young age I could see something wrong with organized religion. To begin with there was two churches in our town, one protestant and one catholic. If either one had the right answers they would have become the only one long ago.  Years later when I was in boot camp I went to every church there was trying to decide if any had any truth to pass on, later when I was married I tried studying with Jehovah witnesses. The bottom line with religion is it is the busy or lazy man’s way to have faith. They all start with the same base and alter it to fit the situation. Every man needs to have faith in something bigger than himself that is incorruptible in order to have hope. But if you are too busy or lazy to find it on your own then you need someone to tell you how to believe what is right and how to live. That is where religion comes in. it also gives you someone to blame if it goes wrong.


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