just got home from hospital. what a horrible three days. they put a pipe in to my left lung from my back. then drained 600 cc’s of orange juice( thats what it looked like) then closed valve and said more tomorrow. i was told they could only take so much at one time.  then Sunday they drained another 500 cc’s and it stopped on its own. they said they would take out if it stopped but it was not taken out till late Monday, they told me they had never seen fluid this color and it baffled them where it came from and what might be wrong. my wife is translator and they would talk for ten minutes then she would tell me they said its strange. something tells me something is being lost in translation. finally i am told that there is some stuff left in lung that can not be drained and we need to go to bigger hospital to get opened up and have “pus” removed. i am not enthusiastic ABOUT having surgery anywhere but even less so here in china.

i had a half a dozen doctors discussing my case in front of me. all confused about how and why i am the way i am. i was questioned endlessly and most of the time my wife answered.

walking around or laying down with a pipe in your back is a whole lot of fun. the bag at the end of tube is a blast too. just another day in the life. well three days, seems like one long one. now i am going to sleep and see what tomorrow looks like.


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