High School 1969 – 1971

High school

High school was a new place with people I did not know and did not know me or my family. I could have a new start here and try to find my place. At 15 years old I was not able to drive myself to school. School was 20 miles away and so too far to ride a bicycle. The fellow who I had a fight with over a girl in grammar school called me up one day and offered to drive me back and forth to school so this solved that problem. Rick worked at a frat house after school and wanted to move to a different job so I ended up washing dishes at the frat house for a semester. Actually a lot of fun Couse I got to see how college people acted. While I worked here my mother picked me up after I finished, later I got a job bagging plastic pellets at a plastic factory from 3 to 11 pm. Rick also worked here and so I could ride home with him. We would visit his girlfriend’s home on the way.

The first couple of semesters went well I enjoyed the independence and what I learned in school was interesting. I started hearing about drugs sort of rumors. But I was still very naïve and innocent. I also still was socially backwards, Ignorant of the rules, so I hadn’t made any friends yet.

I got to be 16 and I immediately wanted my driver’s license naturally. Oddly enough I had been driving on the road since I was 8, when my father would get too drunk to drive I would drive us home. So I expected no problem when I took the test. For some reason I was very nervous and could not do the test without messing up. I failed. After thinking about this I decided I was my worst enemy and breezed through the next test a month later. Then I took my motorcycle test and got my permit. I still did not have a car to drive, so in the spring my father bought me a new 125 Harley Davidson with the promise that I would pay him back the 500 dollars. So he got me a job at Doc Chovins boat yard. Here I could learn mechanics and pump gas. I did not last too long here. I was told to do something I disagreed with and quit. I spent the summer waterskiing and having fun.

Now my memory is not so good here. I don’t remember who I met first but I believe it was mike Sheean and Tommie Lopalito. But it could have been the F******* I met first. At any rate I was riding around with mike on his 175 Honda and me on my 125 Harley. We used to skip school and either go to the Greek restaurant on chandler street or ride to Hampton beach. Tommie would ride on the back of mikes bike. After a while mike was able to buy a Honda 450 and sold his 175 to Tommie. One day on the way to Hampton Tommie lost control getting off 290 and hit his head, the polo helmet did not work to save his head and we lost Tommie that day. Years later I was working at Ruthies restaurant when a driver came in and told us about a bike accident down the road. I had to go look and as soon as I saw the bike I knew it was mikes. There had been two riders and both died, not surprising considering they were doing 120 when they hit the turn. I saw mikes helmet in the road with half a head still in it. I did not want to call his mom but I had to Couse I did not think she should hear it from a stranger. When I called mike answered the phone and told me his bike was stolen by a couple of friends he had let stay over. I was real glad it was not mike.

Ok let’s try to do a little background fill in. I had actually met the F***** a few years before I actually started hanging out with them. These were some unique times to say the least. I was walking home from school one day and I saw a car load of people at the pond half way home. Now Alex David had sort of told me to keep an eye on this place since I was there every day and he lived on the other side of town. So I introduced myself and asked what was up. It turns out that Leo David  was the owner of the car and he is the grandson of the Alex David I worked for. Also there was Priscilla Knapp and her mother I believe as well as Larry F and his two brothers Dennis and Patrick and perhaps his sister Patty. Now I cannot be sure who was actually there as my memory is not that good. I am only sure some Fl****** and Alex and Priscilla were there. Priscilla would some years latter be my wife. Now for background, Larry F (nutman)had a friend Richard Niroda(Montana)who dated my sister and together they had a son Eric. How they met I have no idea to this day. I also have no idea how the Fl****** became acquainted with Leo David. Or how Priscilla got to know any of these people, she grew up in West Boylston, the Fl****** lived in Tatnuk and Leo lived in Paxton, he drove a red Pontiac Lemans convertible. At some point after this meeting Larry and Priscilla had two daughters Christine and Sandra. I am not sure who Priscilla was dating at this time when we met. There is too much coincidence I cannot explain. But I did not see any of these people for at least three years after this. I am able to remember this because Priscilla had very long hair that I found very attractive.

Now one day when mike and I were riding around not doing anything he decided to visit the Fl******. I don’t know how long he had known them but after we met again we became friends and I started spending a lot of time with them. I did not yet have a motorcycle so we ended up doing a lot of walking up the very steep hill they lived on top of. I was closest to Dennis and Patrick. We became like the three musketeers or three stooges. Not sure witch. Patty dated a couple of different guys at this time. So there was a whole gang of us hanging around at one point. Their parents were divorced so mom was not too strict and we could do what we wanted. She kind of adopted me after a while and I sort of adopted them as my family. The Fl****** were a little more sophisticated than me so I looked up to them. It became easy to stay over as the city bus went as far as Taknuk and if I wanted to go home I would have to walk or wait for my father to drive by at 11pm, So most nights I just stayed at their house. I and Patrick became close when one day I really hated my life and asked about drugs. Pat told me the least harmful was pot. So I asked him where I could get some and he told me Elm Park was easy. So I asked if he would help me. He said sure. So we went down and I bought a 4 finger ounce of Columbian, we went home and proceeded to try and get wasted. Everyone else seemed to be enjoying themselves but I felt that it had no effect on me. So I asked Patrick again about drugs and he told me acid was the most powerful without using needles which is what I asked him for. So off we went to Elm Park and I purchased 6 hits of 4 way purple microdot. We both did a ¼ hit and an hour later there seemed to be no effect. We had decided to hang out at my sister’s house so we would not get in trouble. Well me being me I thought we got ripped off so I decided to do the other 2 3/4 hits just to make sure and so did pat. Well after an hour I was just about to cry foul when I noticed everything had a purple tinge to it. Then for the next 12 hours I was in a different world that had absolutely nothing in common with this one. We both survived but I am not sure I was ever the same again. I know I found a escape and I wanted to use that door as often as I could. I do know after this point I could not look at anything in this reality the same way again.

I had a related theory teacher that I thought I got along with ok. But he had this rule that everyone had to have a notebook in class. I could not read my notes when I got home and if I took notes I would not be able to remember anything said in class. So one day Kogali and I had a face down. He told me I would have a notebook and I told him I would not. He sent me to see principal who I tried to explain my side to and he would not even listen to me so I quit and walked out. This ended my academic career for a while.


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