The day before yesterday I got a email from Social Security asking me where I lived, this is after 6 months of telling them where I live sending official change of address forms emails and snail mail letters. today I receive in snail mail a letter saying they changed my address to where I live now, this is after I was given the run around. I was told I had to deal with the office in the Philippines because it was the closest office to me, these people had me go to embassy and have my paperwork sent by the embassy so it was official, then they changed my address back to Vermont. then when i asked for a update i was told i lived in Vermont and would have to deal with them, Vermont told me i would have to deal with Baltimore. i finally found a person in Vermont who said he would forward paper work to right person and keep and eye on it to be sure it didn’t get lost. Then the day before yesterday I was sent a Medicare card that does not help at all because it can only be used in USA.

I wonder if I should hope to get an answer this year. I need a answer before I can make the choice of going into hospital for surgery. in china you need to pay for hospital before you check in. fun fun fun.


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