lessons i have learned

Self-worth, confidence, self-value, these are the prerequisites for success. How do I define success? I define it with, Happiness, and satisfaction with one’s self. These can only be achieved in one way, all of my failures, missed opportunities, and misdeeds can be traced to one character default, or deficit. I speak of self-worth. A person can never see the future, and can only learn from the past, you must live in the present. You can never be successful by being rich or famous or powerful, you can only be happy if you achieve your dreams or aspirations, and if you believe in them and you believe they are righteous. To do this you must be confident in your ability’s and the value of your dreams. You must see yourself as equal to all others, no matter fame or fortune. You are no less or more than any other, you are a individual who has the same value as any other. Be he president or Nobel Prize winner or bill gates. He has no more value than you and no less. Each person has a unique dream and view of the world. I must caution here that too much confidence is as dangerous as too little. Nothing in this world is free and anything worth something is not easy. Without work dreams remain dreams. The combination of hard work, self-confidence, adequate humility and a firm belief in ones dreams will lead to success. It is a simple formula but it is not easy. This has taken me a lifetime to learn, but I have never been able to succeed fully. To have self-worth a person must have a code of honor, no one can tell you what this code is, and you must define it for yourself. You must draw a line in the sand between you and places you will not go. Only by having and sticking by this code will you be able to have self-worth, be able to value yourself.


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