A beautiful day

I woke up today to the sound of Yanzhi’s alarm and felt a warm breeze. I looked out and saw sun and said “wow” such a strange feeling to have a nice day after such a long winter. I opened all the windows to try to warm up this cement box I exist in.

the arthritis is not as bad when I am warm. maybe I can write again. there is so much I have left out in first chapters that I will have to do heavy editing on them. I think I will concentrate on getting all life down first before I do though. I completely missed Feelings and why’s in first drafts. I need to get facts down first then I can add filler to help understand how someone takes the paths I did.

I hope my writing will help my Children or others avoid some of the mistakes I made due to lack of understanding the dynamics of life. It is funny that a parent can try to do all the right things but still mess up so badly. I would say that the biggest need I had unmet as a child is Knowledge or understanding, no one took the time to tell me what I needed to know, perhaps no one knew what I needed or perhaps no one had that Knowledge. the fact remains that if I had it when I was in need I would have matured very differently. as a child I constantly had questions about why life and people were so out of sync with what was obviously right according to the natural order of things. I did not voice these concerns much as ” children were to be seen and not heard”. I just thirsted for knowledge in silence. if I had one bit of advise to give a child it would be don’t ever stop asking questions, think first but ask.

well enough for thought of the day. be safe and enjoy the sun.


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