today Yanzhi bought a apartment. her company build a series of buildings for employees to own apartments and Yanzhi was pretty much the only one who had not bought one. she had been thinking about it for a long time and had wanted to buy as there is a big discount associated with it. company gives you a percentage of house for every year of service. she has no money and therefore no down payment. so her boss who she trained years ago came up with a special deal just for her. he allowed her to borrow half of the 60,000 yuan price from company and other half is financed by house building company. so it works out to 100% financing and she does not have to pay her company back till she finishes house loan with building company. there is no interest charges so in 5 years of 1000 yuan a month she will own apartment. pretty cool. now we wait for it to be finished. when you buy a house in china it is only a shell with doors and windows installed. company will also use employees to do work and pay for materials. some things in china are very nice.


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