My Political Opinion


To begin with I need to state a caviot, I am American with a family history that dates back to the mayflower, this obviously influences my opinion.

I believe all people are human first, therefore they should be treated as such and act as such. The second part is harder than the First for most i fear.

There is a saying, you can’t judge a book by its cover, I believe this is no more true than when applied to humans.  skin color or dress cannot tell you a person’s character. Body language however can tell you volumes about a person’s emotional state. Only by knowing a person’s history, how they acted, the decisions they made under different circumstances can we actually say we know someone.

Politics in America requires the people to hold the government accountable to the wishes of the majority. It is quite obvious we have failed at this, we wait till a issue affects us personally to act, most times this is too late to affect change.

History tells us, for those willing to look, that every civilization has failed after reaching a certain level of prosperity. Babylonian empire, Egyptian empire, Sumerian empire, English empire, Roman empire, Gengus kaun empire , Ming Dynasty, Aztec empire, all failed for same reason, people forget the golden rule of prosperity,, produce more than you consume.

As with our current culture, all these societies, after reaching that certain level of prosperity, started to depend on the government to provide more and more till the government outflow exceed the government inflow. At this point, without exception, the government started to borrow, once this starts it snowballs down that slippery slope till the government needs to protect itself from bankruptcy.

A democratic republic like the USA , as was once said, is the worst kind of government except for all the others. Communism is a great idea that is impossible to work when dealing with human beings, it starts with all the problems other forms of government develop over time. Socialism is the same, no motivation to do more than absolutely necessary.

People need direction when times are good, it is not human nature to look at the big picture or look for problems when times are good, we all want to enjoy our freetime with family and friends, not being responsible for our neighborhood or community or country.

So who is responsible for this oversight and management? The government has always been the dominant choice. but here lies the problem, who manages or provides oversight to the government? The courts? The legislative branch? The Executive branch? Slowly over time these have all been corrupted, the seven deadly sins, greed, sloth, pride, ect.

Our founding fathers spent a great deal of effort and time developing our government, but they didn’t do enough to counteract human nature. They thought they took the money out of government control but human nature won out in 1913 when the progressives built the federal reserve and started lending money to the government.

our only hope I can see at this point for salvation is crypto currency. No government control because no central hub.

Until next time

Peter H. Church



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