This is what old age looks like when you spend a lifetime abusing your body.

X Ray And report (2)Daily Medicine list

Tuesday, July 4, 2017 3:17 PM

Methotrexate na 2.5 MG for rheumatoid arthritis, 8 1x weekly Friday

Levothyroxine na .15 MG for thyroid, 1- 1x daily

Simvastatin 80 MG to lower cholesterol, 1x bi-daily

Folic acid 5 MG   1-am 1- pm weekly Saturday

Aspirin 325 1x day       Celebrex  400 1x day     Rebamipide 100mg 1x day mucosta

Tamsulosin hydrochloride 400 MG 1x daily     Potassium citrate 1080 MG 3x daily

Prednisone 5 mg 1x daily

Hydroxychloroquine sulfate 200 MG for rheumatoid arthritis 2x daily

Levofloxacin 750 mg 1 x daily

sulfasalazine 500 MG for arthritis, 2,2x daily

Fluoxetine HCL 20 MG, 1-1x daily

(Lisinopril 1 MG,) not used now

Red = not in use now

I have rheumatoid arthritis I also have a low production thyroid, enlarged prostate, kidney stones, scoliosis, and a mass in my right breast. I take cholesterol lowering drugs because of age. doctor told me I need blood work every three months to look at white and red blood cell count, wbc white blood cell count,  RBC hemato cnt, platelets, also need liver test AST, ALT alkaline phosphate, sometimes albumin.

Bottom line I don’t recommend getting old, being old requires a great deal of patience as you can’t do anything fast or for extended periods.

You become aware that small things matter, falling down can break bones, a scratch that once healed in a day now takes special care and takes months to heal.

Then there’s rheumatoid arthritis, your immune system over active, destroying every joint on your body, deforming them to unusable, unrecognizable appendages.

Then there’s the doctors you depend on to accurately diagnose what the cause of the symptoms is. You are the subject of many test many of which don’t provide much information, ultrasounds that are subject to interpretation and only 50% accurate. X-Rays , also not very informative and subject to interpretation. Blood tests, urinalysis, sputum test, CT scans, and physical examination.

All of this provided by specialist that are rushing to get all the patients through in one day.

Once you receive a diagnosis that you can have faith in it’s accuracy you find out there is no cure, but they can slow down the progression.

So as I stated before I don’t recommend getting old, treat your body like you depend on it and maybe it will last till your ready to pass on to what ever is next.

until next time

Peter H. Church



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