Financial Difficulty

I have managed to , through many trials and errors, put myself in a difficult situation. Most of my credit used up to the point of interest taking half of my social security.

Because of bad judgement and lack of foresight I find myself and my wife in the position of asking for help. My only income, social security, is $1400 a month, my credit card debt payments are $700 a month. My medical expenses, doctor visits, lab test, medications, and now surgery average $150 a month. Rent, food, gas for cooking, water, electricity, and internet are $500 a month. Not much left for clothing, entertainment, transportation, and wife’s online university study’s, tuition is $200 a semester.

I developed a disabling disease as I was saying to myself I’ll save tomorrow I need all my money today. Now with my hands useless I can’t do any of the things I did before to make money, logging, mechanics, construction, truck driving, engineering.

So with hat in hand I put aside my foolish pride and ask for help.

If anyone feels charitable I put a link here to make it easy to donate.


Living expenses and debt reduction



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