Five Books: Robert McCrum’s list of the best novels in English

Why Evolution Is True

Over at Five Books, writer and journalist John Robert McCrum (also an associate editor of The Observer) has compiled a list of his Five Best Novels in English, and also makes some thoughtful remarks about other novels and the genre in general. (The interviewer is my friend Sophie Roell, whose questions to McCrum are in bold.) It’s interesting that three of the five are by women—and were written in an era when women novelists were very scarce.  I’ll show pictures of the books and give a few quotes that I like (indented) as well as my own remarks (flush left). I’ve read four of the five.

I’m not sure how old this piece is, but McCrum published a longer version of his list in book form, The 100 Best Novels in English, in 2015—surely a book I’ll read, as it’ll guide me to good novels I’ve missed.

Voilà: the…

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