Microsoft useta love them!


Microsoft , when Bill Gates ran  the show, was a company, for better or worse, you could trust to stand by their product and do thorough testing before releasing new software into the wild.


You or your employees could learn whatever Windows or office version you  had and  become productive after a period of time. If you kept your software more than six months any new hires would probably already be trained. you could keep your software until there were big advantages to upgrade. usually three or more years.

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I should say I always prefered Windows over apple, the main reason being Windows allowed you to set up your computer the way you wanted, not how apple decided you should have it. I started with a TRS80 and progressed through a 286  running basic then a 386, before there even was a Windows or an apple II. So I pretty much knew how I wanted my computer to operate.

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When Windows 3.1 came out I eventually got it and learned it. I started on Lotus 123 office suite before Microsoft office came out. Microsoft soon put lotus out of the running, their designers were leading the pack.

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Microsoft leading he industry continued through Windows and office XP. I think we can all agree millennium was a failure. But they recovered with the 2010, 2013 and 2016 releases.

When Bill Gates left it seemed to mark a turning point. Now Microsoft wanted to rent you software rather than sell it to you, Office 360 being the example. This might be a good idea for large corporations,  although I still think it diminishes productivity as every new update requires training.

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This is also the beginning of he downfall of windows phone. Microsoft was doing a good job with the Windows phone operating system, partly because of partnerships like oracle, and Nokia. Microsoft also had a huge advantage with their operating system already on most computers all over the world.

Instead of capitalizing on  their advantages,  Microsoft started trying to be more like Apple. Less customizable. Originally they served two distinctly different markets, Windows was customizable hence business and technical customers, Apple was always use it out of the box but don’t customize, people who don’t want to know whats inside, just want it to work, the way most people are with their automobiles.

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But Microsoft dropped the ball not integrating their phone and computer, cloud systems,  also they failed to innovate and keep up with the competition, bottom line Apple an all the others wiped the floor,  technically, and left Microsoft in the dust. I feel there must have been a lack of commitment, lack of investment in human and financial resources. In the age of wireless connections Microsoft wants you to wire your tv, phone, and laptop together.


When Microsoft built their own phone they had the opportunity to control the whole ball of wax, the opportunity to produce a phone, not only integrated with windows, but technically superior to the competition. They had the technical expertise of Nokia, as they bought their phone division. But alas it didn’t happen. Now they spread rumors about a surface phone with dates that come and go. To top off the failure they have pretty much abandoned the app store and support. Leaving longtime loyal customers like me ready to jump ship.

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Now the office product only works for one installation, one time, if your like most people, at some point, you need to format your hard drive to refresh it and get rid of invisible gremlins. Now you need repurchase your software if you do, finding help or a place to get product numbers , or even finding the right website, is very frustrating or impossible. the company is way to big and has no central , easily understandable help system.


Now lets talk about Skype, Microsoft bought Skype, Skype originally was fantastic. They were first major VOIP, very capable and reliable platform. Then along came Microsoft and quality and useability outright died.

This morning I tried to open Skype to make a call over seas, it wouldn’t even open. last week i tried to delete old messages, I could delete them but they would come back a minute later. Skype started sending all my messages from phone to Skype, clogging up my screen, could i find a setting to stop this? Not a chance.


So in conclusion I will probably buy an Android Phone like one Plus 5t and an Android tab and a chrome book and never buy Microsoft again. Sorry Bill but you should have never left. At least Microsoft still makes good Android apps, Office, office lens, and Office notebook. All of which they support. Just need to pat off debt first.

till next time

Peter Harrington Church



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