Faith a force for good?

I have been trying to discover motivation the behind a certain behavior that’s been directed toward be from many different directions. basically I can sum it up like this, a person that knows me for a long time, talking years, will treat me nice and think of my needs and concerns one day but the next treat me very badly. This has baffled me for some time.

Now obviously this person knows me well, and if I am any judge of myself, and I think I am, knows I treat others as they treat me. They hopefully know me to be fair-minded and considerate of others. They would know me to try to give others what they need not necessarily what they want when it comes to advise. They would also know I don’t suffer fools well. Meaning I will shut you down quickly if you treat me unfairly.

My mother never uttered a swear word in her life but her tong was so sharp it could cut you in to shreds at a moments notice without breaking a sweat. This showed me the meaning of, the pen is mightier than the sword. I was on the receiving end often.

I believe I have found a causation or at least a contributing factor. Faith can be a good or bad motivator. There are two kinds of faith, blind faith and informed faith. Blind faith is what we picture lemmings having when they all run off a cliff believing its destiny or will provide sustenance or whatever they believe. Informed faith is what you mean when you say you have a gut feeling you trust. you have given the situation serious thought and come to a conclusion, this while knowing you will take any new data that comes available into account. Informed faith is exerting all avenues of knowledge on the subject within time limits and drawing a reasonable conclusion. We trust but verify when able.

There are always circumstances or situations in life that require us to make decisions based on less than complete information. A political election, can I trust this person, will it rain today, does god exist, is their life on other planets, will the government protect me, will social security be there after I pay into it for 50 years, is my wife cheating on me?

All these questions require faith to answer. Here is the crux of the causation. What kind of faith you apply will have drastic effect to how your life and those around you. If you have blind faith in government or people you will almost always be disappointed. People can be expected to be true to who they are, their nature will prevail, if they have a good heart and their life is headed in a good direction they will be “good people”. There will always be qualifiers. A good person can do bad things and vise versa. In short people can be expected to be people, unpredictable. This is what we both love and hate about people. What sets one apart from another, it seems is to what extent a person uses the tools god gave them, their brain. Any person who just believes something with no thought about possibility is definitely not using their brain.

However on the other hand you have blind faith in god or any other deity or government or nature, you will always disappoint those around you. People who depend on you, even if it’s just because your path crosses theirs, will expect you to be using your brain, they will not be looking to make allowances for you being a fellow inhabitant of planet earth, having blind faith that all will be taken care of, all will be fine, never considering that their actions could contrast with your needs. After all they are doing gods work, or government work, its the law after all.

If you have faith in government to supply help for the needy just because you pay taxes, you will be disappointed and you will have less wealth, why? Because it cost 4 times as much for government to do a job you could do yourself.

On this planet we can only afford to have blind faith in things that don’t change, like laws of physics, but long-term I belive these will also change. There are things we can have total faith in, but there’s no sence discussing something we can count on that doesn’t change.

These people who have so much faith in some higher power always seem to be happy and oblivious to the harm they cause, they always seem to have a rational explanation for why their way is better. Born again Christians are an example, government workers another.

I guess there really isn’t much those of us who, trust but verify, can do to protect ourselves. Just try to stay out of their sphere of influence. Try and right the wrongs good intentions cause.

untill next time,

Peter Harrington Church


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