Medicine: The new gold rush

I just got home from pharmacy buying next months prescriptions, doctor gave me new medicines to add to all the chemicals I already ingest. One medicine is a replacement for a medicine I was taking that prevented me from producing sperm or ejaculate, kinda hard to make your wife pregnant without these.

Grand total for one month, anyone want to guess? 17000 pesos. that’s $346.00 dollars. my income before paying credit cards is $1400.00 after paying credit cards interest only $800.00 minus medicine $454.00. rent, food, electric, and gas to cook it $200.00 leaving me a grand total of $254 .00 to pay all other things including wife’s tuition and to try to pay down debt. Bottom line it’s not looking good.

So far I have managed to stay away from cigarettes whiskey and other bad habits. Even though I started late in life being good. But I have to say it is starting to wear me down. I am old and broken and really have very little left to contribute to the betterment of mankind. What is stopping me from spending the night drinking smoking and dancing I really don’t know, it seems it would be much more enjoyable than this.

At this point I guess i could not handle a night partying. with all the chemicals in me i am afraid of what the reaction would be, maybe a new kind of explosive or biological life form that would wipe out life as we know it.


So I guess i will continue to write my history, or at least what i remember of it, and try to impart some wisdom along the way.

till next time,

Peter Harrington Church.


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