They say you should never talk Religion or Politics, well what does that leave? not much that would be important to the masses I want to get interested in my writing.

So I am finally going to try and put down in words what religion I Believe in. Maybe others will see value in it. My religion is a combination of science facts, or at least what we currently believe to be facts, and Doctrine I have absorbed through reading and living and last but certainly not least observation of the natural world.

My learning started with the natural world, running around the woods alone at 4 or 5 years old i saw how, what i eventually would find people calling god existed. How everything had a purpose, how it all fit together perfectly in harmony. My parents had no worry’s as we lived in the middle of 3000 acres of wilderness. We also had dogs and sheep and geese. Books from the likes of Jack London opened my mind to the minds of animals.

When i started grammar school I also started Sunday school. Two Churches in town, one protestant, one catholic, My heritage was passed down from Mayflower, One guess witch church i went to.  I got along with the regular teachers who taught reading writing and arithmetic. But when i started Sunday school it was quite different, I could accept the story’s hey taught and the bible but the answers I would get when  asked questions were definitely not acceptable, I didn’t last more than two months. told my mother hey couldn’t answer simple questions and i wasn’t going to waste my time, she agreed.

Nothing changed until i went to boot camp in 1972, until this time I had lots of questions and few answers. As it would happen in boot camp there were many different churches, Baptist, Mennonite, Catholic, Protestant, Mormon, Budist Temple i think there was even a Muslim mosque. During the three months of training I went to every church looking for answers. We got free time on Sunday to practice religion if we didn’t go to church we did extra duty, so captive audience you might say. This experience was critical to me realizing most religions had similar basic tenants.

My next step in my search for truth would be driving through the Philippines from Clark airbase to Subic Bay Navy base in a armored buss. The culture shook i experienced observing the dire poverty, and what appeared to be a population strait from the stone age, was indeed a religions eye opening experience. 40 miles of one lane dirt road, occasionally bordered by grass huts, elevated to avoid the rainy season with no electricity no indoor plumbing no transportation other than water buffalo and not a lot of them, home made clothes. These miles changed my opinion of what it meant to be human, until this point i believed all the world was at least advanced to a certain point, well with the exception of Africa.

During my tour of Asia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Manila I started to get a feel for what Taoism and bud ism and Catholicism was all about, not just the origins but the practice over the years in different parts of the world. I saw how the catholic religion with good intentions, for at least some part, enslaved and destroyed and basically turned a culture into a cow to extract wealth from. No different than what the Puritans did to the american Indians, or the Spanish did to South american cultures. All done in the name of some god. No different than the Vikings doing their raids in the name of Odin. Someone having a god given right to abuse someone else.

After I returned to America I started to study some martial arts, they intrigued me as there was no abuse, no god given right to abuse others, only the right to self defense. This brought me closer to eastern religions.  Of course I had to support myself and finally my family also. This all put a slowdown to my religious studies, they now came from conversations, thought, and inner reflection.

From 1977 to 1983 I lost a father a mother and a sister in that order. This gave me the opportunity to look at the question everyone who has something bad happen in their life asks. Why me, why them , why now?? And eventually I got the answer, Many years latter.

The answer is in the fact that god , or whatever you call the energy that is in and around everything in the universe, gave us free will. By giving us free will he, she, it is prevented from interfering with the cause and effect of our everyday interactions. Our combined actions, all of us, all 7 billion of us cumulatively cause every interaction, it has been said that there is only 6 degrees of freedom between any one of us and every other one of us. Few realize what this really means. It means I effect everyone and everyone effects me.

Literally and physically, if we are all connected with everything and everyone else then even if we can’t sence it our molecules are physically affecting others at least in our immediate area and more likely far away on a cosmic level. This all happens without regard to race or nationality.

This is truly karma inaction. As a entity we are always moving the pendulum left or right. Good Or Evil, I don’t believe we can put it in such  terms, forward or backward seem more realistic, individually we have good or bad intentions, and they do have lasting effects, but the big picture that really matters to all of us is what are our collective intentions. That is what moves us forward or backward.

This transcends culture race religion family community all of it. Only religions like Taoism in its original form accepts this as the way. here is a offshoot of the Muslim religion the also accepts all other religions as valid. I believe whatever path brings you closer to enlightenment is a valid path. I think Buddha said there is no wrong path, only wrong destinations.

At any one time we are limited by our experiences and ability to understand, as long as we know this we can find our center and move froward.

I found god in quantum physics. Only by knowing what is god, and what makes god, can we truly understand ourselves and our place in the continuous creation of it all. it started with quantum entanglement. I first read about this in popular science many years ago. It was finally proven recently, It is when two atoms that are sort of co-atoms because they are entangled are separated many miles and one atom has its spin reversed and the co-atom also instantaneously also reverses spin.

This may explain it better.   (copied from wikipedia)

Quantum entanglement is a physical phenomenon that occurs when pairs or groups of particles are generated or interact in ways such that the quantum state of each particle cannot be described independently of the others, even when the particles are separated by a large distance—instead, a quantum state must be described for the system as a whole.

It may not be obvious but This simple fact puts us in a position to ask witch one of two possibility’s is at work here, is information traveling faster than the speed of light proving Einsteins theory of relativity wrong,  or is everything in the universe always and forever connected with some as yet unknown force? I have come to believe this unknown force is god. What science is now calling black matter, we have discovered the only way to balance the amount of mass in the universe with the amount of gravitational forces is with this black matter that must exist, even in the vacuum of space it has to be there, we just don’t know how to see it.

between quarks and the atomic bonds that hold everything together and working in perfect harmony and the dark matter of all space, the fact that we are all connected with everything else, is it any wonder that we are all connected together? Someday when we are ready we will have control over matter as god does now, but it will require a great deal more maturity than we have now.

I think it is important to remember in a system where everything is affecting everything else, if you change one thing everything else changes too. Someone or something in control would be paying a trillion move deep chess game.

As a species we are just now beginning to understand our place, our interdependence with all other aspects of life on this planet. If we are to survive, and I believe we will, we must become a far more tolerant and educated species. We must learn and understand our physical nature but more importantly our spiritual nature.

The fact remains we can think, we can decide, we can dream, we can innovate and we can build rocket ships. This begs the question, why? Obviously we are more than just a integral part of our environment, a piece of the master puzzle. We must be part of this Energy, called god by some, that controls all creation. It is in us, it keeps our atoms bound to nucleuses, we affect all things. This leaves us with the age old question, Why? What is our ultimate purpose? If we don’t overthink this, I believe the answer can be found in our nature and the basic nature of all things and beings.

A animal, if not scared, is curious, it wants to know what and who you are. I spent some years as a logger killing trees. I have a great deal of respect for all forms of nature. The bible says all things were put here for us, I see a truth in that. Consumption is a major part of the cycle of life, ants eat stuff that they turn into dirt, bears and other carnivores eat meat to convert to dirt, we all have a part to play in energy consumption and returning it to dirt. There have been times I have felt the energy from a big old grandfather tree or a new fern deep in the forest, it requires being peaceful and at one with the environment.

I have come to believe that the purpose of our life cycle is to experience physical life. I believe when life ends our cumulative experiences are uploaded to the mainframe and our energy is recycled to the next phase.

I find it hard to find adequate terminology to explain this concept. When I say mainframe i am referring to what we call god. You see God cant feel pain or anger or loss or love or any of the things humans feel or experience, He’s a God not a human, he’s not even a he. So we were created or evolved to experience this thing called life, this thing with end. At the end we get uploaded and God becomes more billions of times more.

to understand why this must be true you need to understand basic laws of energy. conservation of energy requires all energy be accounted for. You cannot create or destroy energy. at the end there will be the same amount of energy as there was in the beginning.

hen we die our chemicals become wormfood and dirt, but our energy doesn’t die, it has to be converted to a new form. friction to heat, electricity to motion. Our life is not just chemicals and energy, it is also information, that information must also be conserved i believe, that is why i believe it is uploaded.

there is another winkle in schrodinger’s cat. Through our recent understanding of how light and other forms of energy can become matter as well as be both a wave and a particle arbitrarily, we have also learned that the act of observing something changes it.

(copied from wikipedia)

Schrödinger’s cat: a cat, a flask of poison, and a radioactive source are placed in a sealed box. If an internal monitor (e.g. Geiger counter) detects radioactivity (i.e. a single atom decaying), the flask is shattered, releasing the poison, which kills the cat. The Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics implies that after a while, the cat is simultaneously alive and dead. Yet, when one looks in the box, one sees the cat either alive or dead not both alive and dead. This poses the question of when exactly quantum superposition ends and reality collapses into one possibility or the other.

(copied from popular mechanics)
This light experiment explains how observing particles or waves changes them.

Do you remember the double-slit experiment? It’s one of the weirder experiments in modern physics, and cuts to the heart of the weirdness of quantum mechanics. Basically, waves that pass through two narrow, parallel slits will form an interference pattern on a screen. This is true for all waves, whether they’re light waves, water waves, or sound waves.

But light isn’t just a wave, it’s also a particle called a photon. So what happens if you shoot a single photon at the double slits? Turns out, even though there’s only one photon, it still forms an interference pattern. It’s as if the photon travels through both slits simultaneously. You can read more about the double slit experiment here.

But wait, because it gets even weirder. As a new episode of PBS’s Space Timeshows, just by observing the double-slit experiment, the behavior of the photons changes.

The idea behind the double-slit experiment is that even if the photons are sent through the slits one at a time, there’s still a wave present to produce the interference pattern. The wave is a wave of probability, because the experiment is set up so that the scientists don’t know which of the two slits any individual photon will pass through.

But if they try to find out by setting up detectors in front of each slit to determine which slit the photon really goes through, the interference pattern doesn’t show up at all. This is true even if they try setting up the detectors behind the slits. No matter what the scientists do, if they try anything to observe the photons, the interference pattern fails to emerge.

It gets even weirder than that.

A group of scientists tried a variation on the double slit experiment, called the delayed choice experiment. The scientists placed a special crystal at each slit. The crystal splits any incoming photons into a pair of identical photons. One photon from this pair should go on to create the standard interference pattern, while the other travels to a detector. Perhaps with this setup, physicists might successfully find a way to observe the logic-defying behavior of photons.

But it still doesn’t work. And here’s the really weird part: It doesn’t work regardless of when that detection happens. Even if the second photon is detected after the first photon hits the screen, it still ruins the interference pattern. This means that observing a photon can change events that have already happened.

Scientists are still unsure how exactly this whole thing works. It’s one of the greatest mysteries of quantum mechanics. Perhaps someday someone will finally be able to solve it.

All this seems to prove intelligent design. Weather the intelligence comes from inside all of us collectively or some separate entity I cant sat but i prefer the former.

My point in all this is that the more I study science the more it validates all that religion has told us throughout history, one has to understand that the story’s in the bible and torah and koran and the writing of buddha were written for a audience without modern scientific knowledge.

One more revolation I have had is understanding that god created the world through subtraction not addition. understanding that light can become matter and matter can become light we can realize god used light to create everything, in the beginning there was light,  further understanding that white light has all other light in it we can see how god created things by subtracting all a thing didn’t have, like the artist said when asked how did you know what was in the rock, I just removed what wasn’t part of the statue and wala, It has always been a problem for non believers that if god created man then who created god, this revelation of mine makes all that mute, god didn’t create everything out of nothing he created everything out of everything, it was just transformed. This works weather you believe evolution or creation. either everything was created out of everything or it evolved out of everything.

Conclusion; what is God? God is the strong and weak nuclear force that binds all the atoms and nuclei together, God is magnetism, God is gravity, God is the energy of  our thoughts and dreams and emotions, God is the wind that brings life giving rain and wind, God is the force that allows our arms and legs to move, God is the sun that warms our soul, God is the dark matter that fills the void of space. In short God is all, everything, just like it was written so long ago.

until next time,

Peter Harrington Church


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