Review of Island Games: Mystery of the Four Quadrants by Caleb J. Boyer

The story is mainly about two boys (Matthew and Ryan) who find themselves lost on a deserted island, not knowing how they got there and not knowing where they are.

They wake up on a white sandy beach. In front of them they see an ocean with an old ship some distance away from shore with a rope leading to shore. Behind them a thick jungle. And the games begin. They must win the challenges to survive.

Throughout this book the boys encounter various different adventures some life threatening, some of which are realistic and some are obviously flights of fancy, but they are entertaining and provide life lesson’s none the less.

Our boys were best friends before they found themselves abandoned on this island, throughout their adventures they become even closer.

Throughout the book we see someone or something has brought the boys here and set traps and challenges designed specifically for our two boys. Hence the island games.

This book is extremely well written, although the adventures start to get old even though they are quite different in nature, one from the other, its seems like there are too many of them and you want to find out how they ended up on the island, why they’re there, and who is doing this to them. But It keeps you turning pages. This happened to me about 2/3 through the book.

The story is reminiscent of a combination of Indiana Jones and the mailman. The boys are on a learning curve quite steep, but they manage to come together ever stronger as a team and develop the strength, wisdom, and courage to not only survive but thrive.

I like the way this book is written, the way the author uses the volcano to give them a focal point, so they realize they are still on the same island for all the quadrants. I also like the way the author shows the boys maturing and developing life skills, also gaining in experience and wisdom as they move along.

I am really amazed at the lessons that are learned reading this book, it is written very well. There is one storyline mistake I noticed, when leaving the ice cave the boys decided to leave the fur blankets they found as they were too heavy to carry, these blankets show up again at page 209. I really can’t find anything else to be critical of. The flow is excellent, the voice is age appropriate, and is a great story. There are no sexual situations or romance for that matter. Although they did say they loved each other when they believed they would die, but they we’re appropriately embarrassed when it didn’t happen.

I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars.

In the end the author reveals that island games are really a metaphor for the game of life, he also has a link to a secret.

About the Author Caleb J. Boyer is an Award Winning #1 International Bestselling Author. He has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and in Times Square. At twelve years old, he wrote his first full-length novel, Island Games, an adventure story about two best Friends who, With no memories of their past, must survive the challenges of mysterious island throws at them.

I felt it necessary to include the author’s bio as he is such an enigma. He must have had extraordinary parents. I recommend this book to all readers, especially useful to anyone with a confidence problem ie: teenagers.


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