Girls are naturally smaller than males, by design, there can only be one alfa in the pack, but that alfa needs support from his mate and opposition, to accomplish this females develop a mental power to oppose male physical power

You don’t understand, the male is alfa when there is one, but to have a harmonious relationship he needs to respect the mates opinions and give them equal weight to his own, but final decision is his, and wife female needs to be mentally strong and assertive dut not dominating

Both need to fight for what they think is right but both need to compromise

Your partner is not superior he is equal, neither is superior but there can only be one leader (alfa), and final decision is the leaders, a heavy weight to carry

If there is not clear leadership you have chaos if both try to lead whole family is confused and naturally children will work one leader against the other

A good compromise is when neither party gets everything they want

Not hard if you have two reasonable people,

Mature people know this and are willing to be reasonable

Only when a person allows emotions to control decisions is it hard

A mature person uses intelligence to make rational decisions

Have you been to other countries,Experience different cultures opens your mind, kills assumptions

When we grow up in one culture we build mental pictures of how life has to be, these pictures are limiting by necessity so we feel safe, but these pictures are only real in our limited culture,.

When we experience other cultures our reality is broadened and we are presented with alternative scenarios

Everyone have different experiences and different history

These two things are what dictates your ethics and morals in short who you are

Two people look at same picture and see different things because of their history


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