About poverty and love in the Philippines.

Causes of poverty, not in any order.

1. Poor education

2. Corrupt ineffective bureaucracy

3. Poor culture

4. Foreign investment

5. Religion

Education: everyone has to pay for their education here, only the rich get a decent education. Everyone else is left out destined to be poor. Until recently a high school education was a 10th grade education.

Government: the government makes it very difficult to become a productive member of society, not only is there no help to get training or education, but there are many hoops to jump through to become employed. You are required to get medical, police, and local government clearance before you can work, all of these things cost money and many hours of lost productivity. You are required to have a official government birth certificate, sometimes impossible to get. The church records births and many times child is raised by grand parents this leades to wrong name on birth certificate or wrong date. Or unreadable document, government won’t accept. The government is so bogged down with nepotism and unnecessary bureaucracy it can’t really do anything, the public transportation is not much better than rickshaws, 90 years behind, the ferry’s aren’t much better. There is virtually no enforcement of traffic laws. Unless of course if it makes money for the police. And of course if you want to start a company to employ people there are even more hoops and payoffs. Lets not even start on the electric grid, or the Internet infrastructure, positively archaic. Brown out or black out almost every week.

Foreign investment: the problem with foreign investment is the company who comes in is looking for cheap labor, they are not inclined to do the country or people any favors unless it bolsters the bottom line. The government should encourage and assist local business to be competition for foreign investment, they should also insure a level playing field. But in reality the foreign company comes in with teams of lawyers and greases all the right wheels to get legislation favorable to a monopoly. Local business can’t field teams of lawyers.

Religion: the prevalent religion is Catholicism, the church does a great job of keeping the population under control. They teach all the poor to have faith and keep doing what they are doing and all will be well with the world. Basically keep them pacified so the government can milk them. Its easy with uneducated people. Only through ignorance can you have obedience.

Culture: Is there love in the Philippines? Let’s start with a description of love. True love, not the love we have for children or humankind at large, or family, but the love required to bond 2 individual together so strong even family, or poverty or bad fortune can’t tear them apart.

What is required for true love to exist? Love cannot exist without trust, respect, and understanding, and compassion. What then is required for trust?

To begin with lets accept that trust is earned not given. We must extend a modicum of trust when we first meet a person. Otherwise we would never be social at all. But this trust is only earned by the fact of being human. And it is not enough to base a permanent relationship on. So how does a person earn the trust necessary? What are the components we base trust on?

Honestly is one, loyalty, honor, compassion, understanding. what can not be part of trust is misdirection, deception, drama or dishonesty.

Here we are talking about the trust required for true love. There is other kinds of trust and we should be aware of them. There is the trust you have for people who are incompetent, or dishonorable, this trust is the trust that a tiger never changes his strips. He will always be a tiger. This trust must be utilized when evaluating a relationship with a mate. Do you think oh he will change? I can make him better? Better to find the one who already fits in the pattern you choose than try and hammer in one that doesn’t fit.

The trust required for a permanent relationship also requires respect, its easy to say you respect someone but in reality its quite hard to find.

Respect requires a delicate balance of trust understanding and compatibility.

Understanding means you talk the same language you have similar history similar understanding of the world you live in.

Compatibility means your maturity and intellectual growth are at similar levels. Education be it formal or street level, has to be at a level you can understand each others point of view.

After studying what is written here I believe a case can be made that because the culture doesn’t allow for trust, there can be no love. I feel this is the reason why young men get girls pregnant and then run away. For responsibility to exist on its own there has to be compassion respect for fellow man and trust in society. That simply doesn’t exist here.

Obviously there are no absolutes in any group of people, there are 3 classes of people here, rich, middle class, and poor.

By rich I mean own a home with indoor plumbing Internet and a car.

By middle class I mean the employed, own a motorcycle pays rent on a apartment with indoor plumbing.

By poor I mean no ownership lives in a squatter village unemployed. My guess is less than 10 % rich 20% middle class 70% poor.

But its more fun in the Philippines.

Of course the ultimate check on power in government is the population, it is their responsibility to monitor and control the power.

But as in so many countries and empires in history, and presently, the population cant bother being concerned outside of their own special interest, one person can make a difference if they cooperate with other concerned people.

But how i ask do you get someone to think outside their immediate circle? Either they have the wisdom to see the possibilities or they don’t.

There is a saying, many hands make light work. This applies to so many parts of life, simple physics really, if you apply a big enough mass to a tipping point you will overcome any resistance. That resistance can be achieving any goals, amassing more wealth, making the world a better place, any goal. The mass to apply is simply more like-minded people.

Once some people are well off, 2kids a car a home they stop being neighbors and turn selfish. Very short sighted this human race.

Only knowledge of previous civilization can change the future, powerful people know this, that’s why the government and the church and big corporations work hard against it.

Of course this check on power can only work if the population is educated enough to understand what is actually going on.

The Internet holds the possibility of being the invisible hand that changes everything, but people still have to choose to educate themselves, monopolies like Facebook are working hard against this. A educated, evolved, civilized public would destroy them.

It would destroy all power centers, it would level all playing fields. Alas i fear boredom and selfishness would prevail even if this occurred and history would once more repeat itself.

We are doomed to our nature. Instinct prevails.

Can you imagine the far reaching effect of the entire population of planet earth being not only familiar with. but understanding the works of, Hemingway, Einstein, Robert Frost, William Shakespeare, Sun Tzu, Plato, Immanuel Kant, Aristotle. Actually understanding human nature would change all human behavior and set the human race or a course to success never imagined, we would not only cooperate but Excel we could even rise to the heavens.


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