About Me

Resum’e 2017

I am a 63-year-old Ex: Carpenter, Mechanic, Engineer, Truck driver, Equipment operator and Writer living in The Philippines with my wife.

This project is an attempt to right some wrongs and perhaps give a road map to future generations. This can be accomplished by an understanding of how I came along what I saw and how it affected me.

In 2003 I developed rheumatoid arthritis and slowly became disabled to the point i could not work anymore, this is why I say Ex: truck driver, ect. I now have to type with one finger.


My qualifications for giving advice,

  1. I grew up in a alcoholic home.
  2. I spent almost a year in solidarity confinement, had plenty of time to self-reflect
  3. I spent a year in the veterans hospital in Jamaica plains substance abuse program, group therapy twice a day, learning why and how I become me, and how to move forward.
  4. I spent four years in individual therapy over a period of many years fine tuning me.
  5. I am 63 years old, you can’t get here without learning something.

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